Airsoft Machine Gun

Incorporating an airsoft machine gun into your weapons arsenal will greatly improve your odds of victory in your next battle. These guns are capable of laying down a massive base of fire with tremendous amounts of ammunition in a short amount of time.

Proper placement of the airsoft machine gun is essential to take advantage of the tremendous firepower that these guns offer. Utilizing higher ground will always lead to a more advantageous position on the battlefield. This will allow the shooter more time to react to the enemy's movements as they approach his position.

Since the shooter will be lying down on the ground to fire the airsoft machine gun, his time to react to enemy movements will be delayed. Sitting high on a hill will give him the time to make any adjustments, and will allow for a clearer vision of the field below. Just like the sniper, his position should be concealed as much as possible.

Airsoft machine guns will give you a huge advantage over your enemies if you take the time to properly place the gunner on the battlefield. The use of an airsoft machine gun will allow your team to take better control of the field of battle, and give the team more flexibility in their movements and strategy.