Electric Airsoft Rifles - Blowback Action Is As Real As It Gets

There are some electric airsoft rifles that are available today that incorporate a realistic blowback action that mimics the real thing. This added feature does not give the shooter any kind of advantage over their opponents. However, the blowback on electric airsoft rifles will add to the realism and excitement of firing the weapon.

Upon firing the electric airsoft rifle, the lever or slide of the action actually slides back and forth, or "blows back", causing a slight recoil and making a 'clack' sound as it moves. This action and the resulting sound that it causes is what makes the blowback action very realistic to the actual gun.

It is important to always make sure that the blowback action on electric airsoft rifles is properly maintained. this is accomplished by frequent cleaning and lubrication of the blowback action. Oil the slide or lever after each use and remove any foreign debris and dirt that may get into the mechanism itself.

Also, since many electric airsoft rifles have the battery incorporated in the vicinity of the slide action, it is important to make sure that the battery is installed into the rifle properly. If the battery is installed incorectly after charging, the slide or lever may actually rub against the battery when the blowback action occurs when firing the rifle. This will cause damage to the battery lining and will cause the blowback slide to get stuck against the battery.

For safety reasons, never put your fingers or any other objects in the blowback action. This could cause serious injury to the shooter as well as any bystanders. Always wear protective eyewear whenever shooting electric airsoft rifles, and this is especially important when shooting a gun that incorporates a blowback action.