Are Some BBs Better Than Others And Do They Make A Difference

When you load up the magazine on your electric airsoft rifle, you are probably unaware of how the performance of the ammunition that you are going to be firing from your gun is going to affect the outcome of the battle. And this brings up the question; Is there a difference in airsoft ammunition when it comes to plastic BBs?

What we have tested at our facility and found to be accurate is that competition grade ammunition will fly faster and straighter than the other grades of ammunition. Now, when we state that the competition grade BBs will fly faster, we mean an average of 5-7 feet per second. This is not a huge difference, but allows the shooter just a little more time to duck back under cover after firing a volley of shots at his opponent.

What really stood out though was the straightness of the flight of the competition grade BBs. We found that through extensive testing the competition grade ammunition was able to reach the intended target an average of 50-60 feet further than other grade ammunition. The reaction to the adjustable hop-up was also more pronounced. The flight was more compact and the velocity was increased.

This is not to say that other grades of airsoft ammunition are not worth using. They definitely are great performers and are a little easier on the wallet. But, if you are looking for a more accurate BB at longer distances when firing your electric airsoft rifle, then competition grade BBs are the way to go.