Electric Airsoft Rifle

The Echo 1 Stag Arms STAG-15 DMR is a replica of the famous assault rifle that is in use with the U.S. Marines today.

Snipers and long range enthusiasts will especially like this electric airsoft rifle as it reaches out in distance. the full stock will accept most of the larger battery packs that are available today. This electric airsoft rifle is fully upgradable and is compatible with most of the external and internal parts that are on the aftermarket.

Included with this electric airsoft rifle is a high capacity magazine and is also compatible with most major brands of magazines on the market today.

The Echo1 Stag Arms STAG-15 DMR has a reinforced handguard cap, ultra realistic delta ring, realistic barrel nut, metal heat shield. This awesome electric airsoft rifle fires the ammunition at a speed of 350 feet per second.