Electric Airsoft Rifle

The Schmeisser MP44 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle by Cybergun is like looking back in time to the WWII period, and will add to the realism for any history buff or re-inactors.

This electric airsoft rifle has the battery located in the stock which adds balance and realism. The functional charging handle is powered by a stiff spring. This gives the handle a very realistic clack sound when it is pulled back and then released.

The Schmeisser MP44 AEG electric airsoft rifle blasts ammo from the muzzle at a blazing 517 feet per second. The rear sights are adjustable and the high capacity magazine holds 450 rounds. This is a hefty gun weighing in at 9.39 pounds which adds to the realism and is 37.4 inches in length. This electric airsoft rifle is a real blast to shoot.